Prof.M.Abubaker , M.A.(English); M.A. (Political Science); B.Ed; P.G.D.B.M; P.G.D.H.R.M; D.C.A. joined Scholars Indian School in the year 2006.  Has an experience of over 27 years as a Principal and has diligently served both in India and in the UAE.  He is a profound catalyst who places a strong emphasis on education for making it unique with far reaching positive implications. A seasoned CBSE Counsellor of students on matters related to behavioural, emotional, social and academic related aspects.

He is an eloquent speaker who has proved to be very convincing and assertive with his diverse perceptions and notions on issues pertaining to education.  A visionary with immense potentials in launching new ventures and putting forth openings for both students and teachers to meet the need of the hour.  His excellence in administering and organising plans and formulations as a Principal is highly praiseworthy.  He is a great source of strength for  all those who are in the pursuit of their goals and desires.  His 27 years of sedulous selfless service has accorded him priceless status and recognition both in India and  in the UAE.  He is mindful of not only catering to the academic necessities of the young minds of today, but also functions painstakingly to produce holistic individuals.

His concerted and tireless efforts has bestowed on him several prestigious accolades from Government bodies – Education Ministry, Educational Boards, Scouts and Guides etc.  He also holds the credit of securing the Best amazing Teacher Award from Beary’s UAE and the Best Principal award from E MAX respectively. His integrity and wholehearted service towards the field of education has made him the Brand Ambassador of the Gulf Indian Education by Apeejay University, Delhi. He has also been graced at several ceremonious gatherings where he has partaken as a speaker.  He has also been involved in counselling service of the CBSE and an official of the CBSE affiliated schools in the Gulf.